David Speltz Photographs
About David Speltz

David Speltz is a fine-art landscape and social documentary photographer who lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  David specializes in prints for exhibit, purchase, publishing and license.  

Within his landscape work, he has two portfolios that include the Arctic and the English Lakes District, and continues to work on projects on the New England seacoast, National Parks and South America including Chile and Peru.  This year he will be photographing on Easter Island and the Altacama Desert in Chile.

His work in social documentary include a body of work from the Vietnam war era of life in the Boston area.  Recent work that continues includes projects on Blues artists, carnival workers, and street life in Indochina.

Artist Statement

I have been a photographer and healthcare consultant since the 1960’s.  My consulting work permitted travel through most of the United States and many regions of the world providing an opportunity to experience and record a vast array of cultures and landscapes. 

In the more than 40 years of photographing, I have seen a world that has profoundly changed before the lens of my camera -- from demonstrators protesting the war in Vietnam to a Hanoi that is modern and thrives on capitalism, and to a polar ice cap that is shrinking and polar bears that have become extraordinarily vulnerable.

Many people have been important influences during this period.  Three stand out in particular including Fred Picker who excelled in teaching an understanding of the fine print , Norm Mauskopf who teaches how to see and understand content and design, and Debbie Fleming Caffery who teaches how to see through the photograph to the reality that lies within.

Cameras vary from large format 8x10 and 4x5 to panoramic, medium and 35mm format Film and digital is equally used, depending on what works best in a at that time.  Much of the work is black and white, although color is  used when it contributes to the design of the photograph.

David Speltz, Franz Josef Land in July 2009